Bulk Beer Mugs/Glasses: Wholesale Price

Nothing beats a chilled beer Glasses on a hot Sunday afternoon. Or during a game night. Or just a Friday night with your buddies. It’s irreplaceable!

Beer can be regarded as one of the oldest alcoholic drinks that have existed. Simply because any cereal having certain sugars can undergo fermentation and produce a type of beer.

Beer is one of the most popular drinks among a large group of people, almost everywhere in the world! Beer has such a rich history and this has given way to many types of beer, based on the type of cereal used and the intensity of flavors. It can be a wheat-based beer or a malt. Wherever you go, you can find a variety of beer anywhere.

So you can hop on to any place and find the most refreshing kinds of beer to soothe your inner self with this amazing drink. An important aspect of drinking beer is the glasses which you use for that particular type which makes your heart pound!

What are the Different Types of Beer Glasses?

From Ale, Lager, Stout, Malt, Dark, Lambic, Light, Pilsner, Wheat to Ciders, the list goes on! 

Let’s have a look at the glasses that these drinks are best served with based on the complexity of the beer; it’s fruitiness, acidity and the overall alcoholic strength of the beer.

Pint Glasses (approx. 16 ounces)

This is the most common beer glass all over the world. The Pint glass is what you will find in most bars and restaurants. There are different varieties of Pint glasses and it differs from country to country. Thus, a Pint glass defines the measure of that particular country. It’s a cylindrical glass that gets wider as you reach the top of the glass. Ales and lagers are best served in Pints.

Beer Mugs

All the “cheers” and spillages are associated with these mugs. Their popularity is not a coincidence, but it’s due to their design and comfort. Beer mugs are enormous, and the handle makes it extremely manageable in a crowded place at the club, bar or a social event. The thickness of the mug keeps your beverage chilled!



Pilsner Glass

Pilsner Glass

The Pilsner glasses are used for various types of beers including light pale lager and pilsner. The shape of these glasses is tall, slender and tapered. Whenever you pour your favorite beer in it, the slender glass helps reveals the colour and carbonation of the beer, however, the broad top helps in maintaining a beer hand. 

Weizen Glass (approx. ½ litre)

Very similar to the Pilsner glass, the Weizen glass has a curvy shape as opposed to the Pilsner. They’re narrow at the bottom, and as the curve increases, they get wider at the mouth until the curve shrinks in a bit.
These are well suited for wheat beers.


Tulip glasses sport a stem and have a full bowl and a narrow mouth for the glass and their shape is similar to a brandy snifter. The wider bowl lets the aromas of fruity beers come to life, while the narrow rims maintain the fizz. These are best for serving Scottish Ales, Barley wines and other aromatic wines.

Chalices and Goblets

These are large-stemmed, bowl-shaped glasses for serving heavy beer. Their shape is that of a wider mouth with a short thick stem. These are best-suited for malts which are full of aromas. You can differentiate between a Goblet and a Chalice by the thickness of glasses. Goblets are thick, whereas Chalice is thinly walled. 

These are the various types of glasses which can be used for your chilled Beer, what’s the best place to get these from?
Here at Glasstick.

Glasstick wants you to have your beer, chilled, fizzy, flavourful – just like the way it’s meant for having.

Here’s everything you should know about Glasstick?

Glasstick is based in Firozabad (Uttar Pradesh, India) and is one of the leading manufacturer and trader in glass variants in India. Through its hard work and best quality products, Glasstick has been in the market for a very long time. Glasstick works best in manufacturing, trading and supplying of all kinds of glassware, decorative and tableware glasses.

Glasstick provides a plethora of Glassware options to choose from. 

Now that we are talking about Beer Mugs, Glasstick also provides top-quality beer mugs that keep your beer chilled!

Custom Beer Glasses Bulk

They provide a plethora of Glassware options to choose from. They provide top-quality beer mugs that keep your beer chilled!

Custom Beer Glasses Bulk

What makes Glasstick’s beer glasses the best in India?

With years of experience, Glasstick perfectly knows how to prepare the ideal Beer glasses for you to enjoy your best time in life. Glasstick uses this knowledge to influence the glass manufacturing process.

At Glasstick you can get mind-blowing wholesale prices for bulk and party orders.

How are Beer Glasses manufactured at Glasstick?

At Glasstick, two different critical techniques are used for manufacturing Beer Glasses.

  •  The Blown Glass Technique (also known as Glassblowing) 
  •  The Pressed Glass Technique.

Beer Glasses For Sale

The Blown glass technique starts with melting silica mixed with potassium and limestone in a melting furnace. The molten glass is then collected at the tip of a blowpipe (long steel tube). This is now rolled on a metal surface to prepare the glass for blowing. The glassblower now blows air into the pipe to give it a hollow bubble. Now the glassblower uses different molding and shaping tools to give the hollow bubble of glass the desired shape. 

This process involves extreme craftsmanship and skill. Using the same technique for years has enabled Glasstick to streamline the process and make it more efficient. They churn out glasses in bulk orders at the most reasonable wholesaler prices, without compro

Beer Glasses For Sale

Personalized Beer/Mugs Glasses

The Pressed Glass technique starts similarly to the Blown glass. It uses lime, soda ash, silica sand, mineral colorants and rejected glass. These are melted in a furnace at over 2900 degree Fahrenheit. A glassworker gathers the molten glass with the help of a rod. This blob of molten glass is then transferred to the iron mold. The glass in the mould is pressed with a plunger to make the glass stick to the edges of the mould and take its shape. The pressed glass takes the embossed print of the vessel. It is then subjected to various cooling/pressing techniques based on the desired outcome.

This technique originated as an affordable alternative to Crystalware because of the intricate and elegant designs that pressed glass technique made possible.

Personalized Beer/Mugs Glasses

Best Beer Glasses

This technique originated as an affordable alternative to Crystalware because of the intricate and elegant designs that pressed glass technique made possible.

Best Beer Glasses

Whom does Glasstick supply?

Beer glasses are such a necessity for anyone who is a lover of parties or social events.

Whether you organize a special party or host an event where the crowd loves having chilled beer, then Glasstick has the perfect supplies for you.

Beer Mugs Glasses

Glasstick has a wide range of its customers and clients. Glasstick even manufactures and trades with the Corporate sector for various Promotional events. Bulk orders are also prepared for retailers, daily consumers, and significant players in the liquor industry.

Beer Mugs Glasses

Customized Glassware Solutions

The Blown Glass and Pressed Glass technique give Glasstick the creative edge in manufacturing the most customized beer glasses.

These glass manufacturing techniques require a lot of skill which is the specialty of Glasstick.

Glasstick provides several customizations:

  • Printing (Decals and Multicolor prints)
  • Embossing
  • Etching
  • Personalized Beer Mugs as gifts
  • Custom Artwork and Packaging Solutions

Quality Control and Timeliness for Delivery

We’re all guilty of clinking our beer glasses way too hard!  Glasstick ensures that their glasses are durable enough to last a lifetime of memories!

At Glasstick, it is always made sure that quality is never compromised. With skilled labour involved, Glasstick always ensures that lousy craftsmanship is picked out and does not affect their end product through its stringent quality checks throughout.

Glass Beer Mugs with Handles

With a brand as Glasstick, a lot is at stake for them and their clients who order in bulk. It’s all about the impression that is left on the clients or the consumers when they receive the glasses. Or better yet, when they’re put to use! 

For this, meeting deadlines is crucial. Glasstick is the gold standard when it comes to on-time deliveries without any damages to their products. 

Craft Beer Glasses

They provide breakage insurance in every corner of the country and major seaports.

Craft Beer Glasses


Glasstick supplies to many different clients and some of these are the leading industry giants, and the fact that they’re in business with them speaks volumes. 

Glasstick supplies to one of the biggest and best soft-drink manufacturers – Coca-Cola. 

They cater to Parag Milk Foods, one of the biggest dairy product manufacturers in India.

Anmol Industries, the leading biscuit and cake manufacturer in India, is also one of their prestigious clients.

The list goes on with Lifestyle International, Arvind Fashions and many more.

With the help of their Client-Oriented approach, Fair Business Practices, On-time delivery and Easy Payment modes, they have been able to attain complete satisfaction of their Clients.

Visit Glasstick for more information! Cheers!

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