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Glass is a part of our daily life. From domestic to commercial use, glass finds an inevitable place in everyday life. Glasstick, a glass manufacturing company located in Firozabad, India, is one of the leading glass and glassware manufacturers in the country. They manufacture glass not only for the household but also for industrial purposes depending on the needs of the client in the variety of bulk container jars for sale and bulk container jars for wedding outlets. From personalised glassware to glass printing, the company offers a variety of glass manufacturing services to meet the client’s requirement and people can buy bulk container jars at low prices. 

Glass container jars are a necessary part of every household. Since glass is non- porous, non- absorptive and non- reactive, it can be used to store almost every kind of food and other consumable items. It is because of its sturdy nature and long life it is also used in chemical laboratories. The glass containers protect the food and other items from getting any fungus or moisture due to the environmental factors. 

Glass Container Jars

Glass has been used for various purposes since time immemorial. Glass was first obtained from the cooled volcanic eruption and called Obsidian, was used as a weapon, money and even ornaments. Through the years, production of glass has developed a lot making the process easier, profitable and fast. It was during the late 19th century that glass was manufactured with an automated process. 

Glass Container Jars

Glass is made by mixing sand, limestone and soda ash and melting it at the temperature of 3180 degrees Fahrenheit. To improve the durability of the glass, aluminium or titanium must be added at this point. Recycled glass is also added to the mixture and if the client’s requirement is of coloured glass, then the chemical is added to the mixture as well. The mixture is heated for 24 hours for it to form molten glass called ‘gobs’. These gobs are then used to prepare a solid glass of desired shape and size using either of the two methods. 

Glass Container Jars Wholesale

The glass blow method is a traditional method to manufacture the glass. Although it is not as widely used these days, some manufacturers as those of small container jars and container jars wholesale cheap outlets, still use this method to make the glass. In this method, the job is transferred to the moulds called blank or parison. A blow of air is pushed down the blank mould to form the neck of the jar. Another blast of air is applied to the neck causing the liquid to spread towards the wall of the mould. The glass piece formed is then transferred to another mould where the glass is reheated to form the final shape. Compressed air and vacuum is the final step in moulding of the glass.  

Another method, which is widely used, is the press and blow method. The gob is transferred to the mould with the help of a plunger. This step helps in giving the shape to the glass. The mechanical arm is used to transfer the partially formed shape into finishing mould, where the blowing is done to attain the desired shape of the container. The finished product is taken out with the help of tongs and placed in the cooling plate. This entire process takes just a few seconds and therefore the final product is still at a very high temperature when it comes out of the mould.

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The next step in the press and blow method is annealing. This is done to make sure there is no air bubble or any unwanted insertion in the glass. A long furnace, called Lehr, helps in cooling the glass at varying temperatures but in a controlled way. The process of cooling the glass can take anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours. To make sure that the glass is free from any scratches, a layer of coating is applied to it before it enters the Lehr and also after it exits it. 

Cheap Bulk Container Jars

Glasstick takes the quality of their end product very seriously and to make sure their clients get nothing but the best quality product, they employ various quality check methods. The automated methods and sensors help in checking any tremors or air bubbles in the product and also making sure that the end product is up to the client’s requirement. The inspection includes the thickness, neck area, dimension, and appearance. At this point, if any glass container if found to be damaged or fails to meet the specification, then it is sent back and added to the mixture of sand, limestone and soda ash. The final product is then sent to the packaging unit where is it wrapped in plastic and boxed before sending it to the client. 

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The entire process of making glass at Glasstick, requires the approval of the client. After the specification is obtained from the client regarding the glassware, the team creates a 3D image and sends it to the client for approval. After the approval is received from the client, the mould is prepared either from oak, graphite or stainless steel. The first batch consists of few pieces, called model pieces, of the order which is then sent to the in- house quality control team. Upon the team’s approval, the model pieces are sent to the client for approval. Only after obtaining approval from the client, the company goes ahead with the mass production which is important for the supply to bulk container jars wholesale outlets.  

Custom Container Jars Wholesale

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Glassware and glass products are economical and eco-friendly. Glass is the only material in the world that can be recycled entirely without any side effect. Hence, this is one reason it is so widely used.

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