4+ Best Design Bulk Glass Dessert Bowls Buy In Wholesale Prices

To begin with, the design of the dessert bowl is decided based on aesthetics and functionality. It should be such that one can easily serve desserts in the bowl. Once the design is finalized, a 3D image is modelled with the help of advanced software. The client then gives their valuable input and recommends amendments, if any. You can buy bulk dessert bowls from our dessert bowl wholesale outlets located at different places. 

Glasstick is a manufacturing company in Uttar Pradesh that is renowned for the manufacture of glass products. They also trade a myriad of glass products including decorative, tumblers and the like. Glass production is mainly done by two methods-glass blowings and float glass. Glasstick uses the glass blowing method for the production of dessert bowls.

Glass Dessert Bowls Set

Dessert Bowls Set

Now, a prototype for the same is made manually. An oak mould is made after which hot semifluid glass which is molten is poured into it. Meanwhile, the right pressure and supply of air are maintained with the help of a blower. It takes roughly 20 seconds for the glass to set in. Once this glass has cooled down, another glass is added. This is succeeded by pressing the glass enough to set the shape right. 

Glass Dessert Bowls Argos

Dessert Bowls Argos

Right after this process, the dessert bowl is then sent for approval to the client. If they wish they can suggest the necessary changes. After checking with the clients for the same glass dessert bowls are sent for mass production which occurs under the categories of clear glass dessert bowls, dessert bowls for sale, vintage glass dessert bowls, mini dessert bowls and glass dessert bowls set of 6 which is a good way to view a clear distinction of manufactured goods.

Glass Dessert Bowls 

Glass Dessert Bowls

There is a systematic mechanized process in place for the manufacture of dessert bowls in the factory. This is done so as to produce bowls in bulk and utmost care is taken to ensure the quality of each unit. The raw material which is primary for dessert bowl production is sand. Soda and lime are added during the production to lower the melting point of glass and to also stabilize the mixture. Substances like aluminium and titanium are also added to make the glassware more durable as well as tough. This mixture is then poured into a furnace that operates at 1500 degrees Celsius.  During this process, recycled glass is also added some times to utilize the same. Thus, the glass now melts at an extremely high temperature and is very sticky at this point. 

Small Dessert Bowls

Small Dessert Bowls

In order to compress the smaller pieces, heavy presses are used to make them flat. Simultaneously, a blower is used in order to supply air. The dessert bowl gets its shape from the air blown into it. Once a shape is achieved, the finer intricacies are done with the help of blowers that are small. This is when the aesthetics of the dessert bowls improve. Post this, the mould is sent so that it is cool. The glass then is cooled to over 400 degree Celsius. 

Dessert Bowls Ikea

The glass has to be handled very carefully during this process as it is cooler than before but also very breakable. This is why a temporary covering is added to the dessert bowls so that they can be carried to the manufacturing area. The bowl is then inverted and its base is heated. There is one more round of firing to make the base strong. Post this, there is heat treatment that is done in order to bring the bowl to perfection. Lastly, it is left for cooling down which takes about two to three hours. 

Small Glass Dessert Bowls

Small Glass Dessert Bowls

The temporary covering which was added before is now removed. It is also sent back to the manufacturing place wherein it is reused. With the help of sandpaper, all the rough edges and corners are smoothened so that it becomes very safe to use. However, even after this process, the rims are still rough which is why there is another step of smoothening. After this, the glass dessert bowls are completely safe to be touched by hands and used. 

As a part of the quality check, each product is verified for cracks as well as air bubbles. When no damages are found, the pieces are packed and shipped to the customer. Glasstick ensures that each product is customized so as to meet the requirements of clients. 

Dessert Glass Serving Bowls

Dessert Serving Bowls

Dessert bowls are widely used in all restaurants and for household purposes. Serving dessert in beautiful dessert bowls could be rewarding. You can get the perfect type of glass dessert bowls by simply ordering them from Glasstick. Personalize your order to get a design that will cast a great impression on your guests. Glasstick assures that every product manufactured by them complies to the standards. 

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