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Love for Spirits Show in Your Choice of Liquor Bottles

Some of the most famous liquor brands are not just known for what’s inside, but the liquor bottles themselves! So is the importance of spirit bottles for a brand. And, for you, who is planning to invest in a home bar counter or want to redecorate the retail shelves, iconic bottles are a must. 

But why are these bottles shaped the way they are, and should you really care? Read on to know more…

Designs for better hold

You will notice that some brands of spirit bottles are stunning pieces of décor, bordering on art. On close observation, you’d notice that the designs are done keeping in mind the way the bottles would be held. After all, a bottle needs to be easy to hold and pour. So, if you are buying spirit bottles, you need to consider the shapes of the flagons first.

Glass Liquor Bottles For Sale

Liquor Bottles For Sale

When the liquor bottles have gentle curves in the main glass structure that makes the bottles easy to grab and bring off high shelves in a bar counter. Even when you need to invert the bottles to wine barrels, the slight curves in the body of the bottles help prevent any fumbling and provide better grip. 

Bottles often make the centerpieces

Generally, rounded shapes are chosen for bottles of whiskey, rum, and cognac. For these kinds of spirits, the showmanship gets primordial importance. Then there are bottles of spirits; some are designed like potion-filled wizard’s flasks while others look like expensive heirloom vases. There are designers who are dedicatedly into designing flagons. All the efforts are crucial because the high-end bottling is a reflection of the ‘class’ of liquor inside. It is for this reason that one can recognize popular brands of liquor bottles from sheer silhouettes. Whether it’s the Old Monk rum bottle or Jack Daniel’s whiskey bottle, you could recognize it instantly from mere shapes.

Liquor Glass Bottles Wholesale

Liquor Bottles Wholesale

Why are designs so important?

Today, there are multiple brands of liquor in the market. So, it’s very important to create a place in this brutal marketplace. Any new brand would want to establish a visual identity for itself. Unique designs and unique patterns are important for developing an emotional attachment with a need. Every brand is competing to look cool and stylishly elite. There is no doubt that every brand is striving hard to grab eyeballs even before the spirit touches the glass. According to experts, it would entail brand loyalty. So, whether it’s the Frangelico’s friar-shaped bottle or the popular Canadian whiskey Crown Royal, you know the difference in an instant just by looking at the bottles.

What else is vital?

When it comes to choosing spirit bottles, the neck matters! No one would try speed pours with expensive cognac. But bartenders would like to go easy with whiskey and rum bottles. Each of the brands who are into designing bottles would like to pay special attention to the neck of the bottles. The height and opening of the neck matter for a comfortable hold as well as for, an easy pour.

Mini Liquor Glass Bottles

Mini Liquor Bottles

In addition to the shape and height of the neck, the size, shape, and weight of the bottles matter when it comes to pouring. For instance, the Bacardi bottles are quite preferable among bartenders for being easy to hold and pour the liquid out. For making wonderful cocktails, bartenders often choose designs that are easy to hold and contain a good-quality spirit. However, it is often said that the most iconic of the unique liquor bottles are designed by drinkers and not pourers. 

Glass Chocolate Liquor Bottles

Chocolate Liquor Bottles

The history of glass bottles for liquors

Glass bottles for pouring, storing, and carrying liquors started as late as the 17th century. Then, most of the bottles used to have a bladder or onion type shapes. With time, people adopted the cork closure and bottles became more cylindrical in shape. Cork allowed bottles to be stored not just upright, but sideways as well. Gradually, there started regional variations in shapes and forms of the glass spirit containers. The bottles began to take the modern-day shapes only after the 1970s. It was after the 750ml size was standardized. As there was less travel between regions with spirits, glass bottles came to the arena. And, each of the wine/liquor producing countries/states would develop bottle shapes independent of one another. However, today, flagons are more to do with marketing rather than customer choices. You can buy bulk liquor bottles from anywhere such as liquor glasses wholesale outlets or little liquor bottles outlets if you’re looking for bottles of lesser costs and custom liquor bottles outlets are also available. 

Glass Liquor Bottles

Glass Liquor Bottles

The latest minimalist trends

Today the flagons mostly decorate the counters in a bar or in any home. Thus, there is an increasing demand for the bottles to be comfortable to hold and pour. Designers are thus concentrating more on shapes and form of the body and the neck, keeping in mind the demands of drinkers as well as the pourers. According to Adam Fournier, a bartender from Los Angeles, “I think, there is a trend towards more user-friendly bottles…They’re simple, clean, and feel right in your hand when mixing cocktails.” These vintage liquor bottles can be used anywhere and are available in the form of best liquor bottles and for empty liquor bottles outlets. 

Antique Liquor Bottles

Antique Liquor Bottles


The lists of exquisitely made bottles are unlimited. Some are being given as gifts to each other on holiday seasons while some adorn the bar counters in many reputed bars across the world. Each of the designs on liquor bottles are unique and extravagant. From the brands of brandies to Sherries to whiskeys, designers are running their imaginations wild in designing glass into flagons. If not anything, the glass bottles for spirits at any counter make for great bar talks at least!

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