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Who would’ve thought something so simple in form and easy on the eye could be used in such elaborate ways. Mason jars are the definition of Jack of All Trades. Nothing fits the description more aptly.

Before we delve deeper into Mason Jar Territory, let’s touch on a bit of history.

“Mason”-Jar: The Origin

Mason jars were invented by a gentleman by the name of John Landis Mason in the year 1858. Yes, mason jars have been around for far longer than you could’ve imagined. That’s how they got their name!

At the young age of 26, Mr. John L. Mason did not just invent the jar, but he also got it patented in New York. Contrary to popular belief, since Mason was a tinsmith, he first created the threaded cap and then the jar itself.

No sooner did he invent them; the whole of America was using these jars for Food Preservation and Canning purposes.

Everybody picked up on this, and in 1879, when Mason’s patent for these jars expired, companies around the world started manufacturing mason jars.

Fun Fact – Mason jars are also widely known as “Canning Jars”, as they’re extensively used for storing canned food.

Till date, Ball is one of the biggest manufacturers of mason jars in the US. Le Parfait is a leader in the European markets.

In India, Glasstick is the leading glass manufacturer, and ships mason jars in bulk at wholesale prices across the nation.

Mason Jars: A varietal dilemma (types)

There’s about 20 plus shapes and sizes in which Mason jars are manufactured and shipped across the world. Let’s have a look at some common sizes which are readily available.

Mini Storage Jars

These are the smallest mason jars you will find.  They’ve got narrow mouths and mini bowls. Predominantly used for storing dried spices, herbs or condiments. They’re cute AF! (pardon the language). They can usually store up to a 100gms.

Mini Storage Jars

These can have a flatter stomach and a wider mouth as well.

Mini-Chutney Mason Jars

Mini-Chutney Mason Jars

These are the chutney-keeping jars for those sandwiches packed for a picnic. These are more cylindrical in shape. These a little bigger than the mini jars in height, but have a wider mouth and bowl size. They can store around 200 grams of sauces, chutneys and more.

Regular Jam Jars

Regular Jam Jars

Jam Jars are usually the mid-sized mason jars that you see almost every day at your breakfast table. Most jam manufacturers sell the majority of their jams in these mason jars. Jam jars form the entry level bottle of jam that you can find at the store. These can be used for storing jams, marmalades, jellies, preserves or fruit conserves. Jam Jars are available with a carrying capacity of around 300-400 grams.

Sauce and Syrup Jar

Sauce and Syrup Jar

Pizza sauce, salsa sauce, and most syrups are stored in these type of jars. They’re a bit more fuller at the base with a wide mouth. These are slightly bigger than the Jam jars and can store up to 450 to 550 grams. These can be used as a bigger variant to their smaller jam jar counterparts.

Pickle Jars

Pickle Jars

Pickle jars are a bit bigger than the size of your palm. Pickle jars have a storage capacity of around 700 grams. They are usually used by brands when they’re selling products at the same prices but providing more quantity of the product to the customers. These seem to do the trick many a time for consumers. You can store dill pickles in vinegar, asparagus, stock and more.

Soaking Jars

Soaking Jars

These soaking jars are ideally used for canned foods that are preserved for increasing its shelf life. A jar full of cherries, soaked in sugar syrup for later use is the perfect example for this. You can add a bunch of fruits while you’re at it! For restauranteurs and household chefs, these types of jars are also used for storing ginger-garlic paste and tomato puree which is used almost every day for preparing an Indian meal. They can store up to 1000 grams of pastes, purees and more.

Full-Size Jars

Full-size jars can be used for storing Cereal, Oats, Muesli after it has been emptied from the plastic packaging. Restaurants also use these jars for serving drinks at a bar or a restaurant. Full-size jars have no limit and can be made in bulk as per order. They have a storage capacity of 2 to 4 kilograms.

Full-Size Jars

Glass tick has perfected the art of making these most elaborate mason jars in all shapes and sizes. They also provide customizations as per order size and request basis.

Mason Jars: A Million Uses

Put in a straw and pour a cold coffee on a hot summery day. Alternatively, cover the top with a jute cloth, and it can be used to store fruity preserves for up to months on the store shelf.

Because so many types of mason jars exist in the market, the usages for a mason jar lie entirely in the hands of the owner.

Wholesale Bulk Mason Jars With Handles

Apart from a few basic usages, mason jars are attracting creative people and are used for the artsiest purposes. Some of these are:

Wholesale Bulk Mason Jars With Handles

Serve and Store

These are used for serving smoothies, storing herbs and sauces. They’re used for storing jams and preserves too.

Dessert Shops

Setting cakes and dishes in mason jars is very common.


People use them for in-house plantations.

Crafts and Décor

Boutique shops use mason jars for décor.

DIY and Personalized Gifting

Embossed jars with printed photos can be used for gifting purposes.

Who is Glasstick?

Glasstick is based in the Glass manufacturing Hub of India, Firozabad (Uttar Pradesh). They are the leaders in Manufacturing, Trading and Supplying of all kinds of Glass Tumblers, Decorative and Tableware glasses.

These products are used in Houses, Restaurant and Bars, Hotels, Clubs and for Merchandising Purposes.

Wholesale Bulk Mason Jars With Lids

Mason Jars, being no exception, is one of their key production line items. They’re selling Mason Jars at the most competitive market prices for bulk orders.

Wholesale Bulk Mason Jars With Lids

Why would you choose Glasstick for Mason Jars?

Being the leaders in the Glass manufacturing industry across India, Glasstick has perfected the compositional mixture of sand, silica, lime, ash and different natural coloring agents such as iron and sulfur to manufacture the most durable and stylish looking Mason Jars.

Glasstick is also known for its premium collection of contemporary Wine glasses, Shot glasses and the great Beer Jugs.

The manufacturing process for Mason Jars at Glasstick

At Glasstick, they use two critical techniques for manufacturing Mason Jars – the Blown Glass Technique (also known as Glassblowing) and the Pressed Glass Technique.

Bulk Mason Jars For Wedding

The Blown glass technique starts with melting silica mixed with potassium and limestone in a melting furnace. The molten glass is then collected at the tip of a blowpipe (long steel tube). This is now rolled on a metal surface to prepare the glass for blowing. The glassblower now blows air into the pipe to give it a hollow bubble. Now the glassblower uses different moulding and shaping tools to give the hollow bubble of glass the desired shape.

Buy Bulk Mason Jar

This process involves extreme craftsmanship and skill. Using the same technique for years has enabled Glasstick to streamline the process and make it more efficient. They churn out glasses in bulk orders at the most reasonable wholesaler prices, without compromising on quality.

Bulk Mason Jars 4 oz

Bulk Mason Jars 4 oz

The Pressed Glass technique starts similarly to the Blown glass. It uses lime, soda ash, silica sand, mineral colorants and rejected glass. These are melted in a furnace at over 2900 degree Fahrenheit. A glassworker gathers the molten glass with the help of a rod. This blob of molten glass is then transferred to the iron mould. The glass in the mould is pressed with a plunger to make the glass stick to the edges of the mould and take its shape. The pressed glass takes the embossed print of the vessel. It is then subjected to various cooling/pressing techniques based on the desired outcome.

This technique originated as an affordable alternative to Crystalware because of the intricate and elegant designs that pressed glass technique made possible.

Whom does Glasstick supply?

Whether you’re a restaurant owner, business owner,  or a housemaker, you can order from Glasstick.

Glasstick supplies to a wide variety of clients and customers. They manufacture and trade with the Corporate sector for various Promotional events. They produce in bulk for significant players in the liquor industry. Retailers and the working individual also forms a large part of Glasstick’s consumer base.

Customized Glassware Solutions

The Blown Glass and Pressed Glass technique give Glasstick the creative edge in manufacturing the most customizable Mason Jars.

These glass manufacturing techniques require much skill which is in abundance at Glasstick.

Glasstick provides several customizations:

  • Printing (Decals)
  • Embossing Company or Brand Insignias
  • Etching
  • Custom Artwork and Packaging Solutions

Quality Control and Timeliness for Delivery

Glasstick ensures that their glasses are durable enough to withstand the different challenges thrown at it.

The people at Glasstick’s don’t compromise on Quality. With skilled labor involved, Glasstick has stringent quality checks in place to ensure that lousy craftsmanship is picked out and does not affect their end product.

Mason Jars Mugs With Handles

With a brand as Glasstick, a lot is at stake for them and their clients who order in bulk. It’s all about the impression that is left on the clients or the consumers when they receive the Jars. Or better yet, when they’re put to use!

Mason Jars Mugs With Handles

For this, meeting deadlines is crucial. Glasstick is the gold standard when it comes to on-time deliveries without any damages to their products.

Bulk Mason Jars Cheap

In case there is damage, they provide breakage insurance in every corner of the country and major seaports.

Bulk Mason Jars Cheap

Glasstick’s Clientele

One of the major reasons for Glasstick success is their clientele. They’ve got some of the leading industry giants, and the fact that they’re in business with them speaks volumes about the quality of the product they deliver and ability to do so on time.

They’re supplying glassware to one of the biggest and best soft-drink manufacturers – Coca-Cola.

They cater to Parag Milk Foods, one of the biggest dairy product manufacturers in India.

Anmol Industries, the leading biscuit and cake manufacturer in India, is also one of their prestigious clients.

Mason Jars Glasses Bulk

Mason Jars Glasses Bulk

The list goes on with Lifestyle International, Arvind Fashions and many more.

With the help of their Client-Oriented approach, Fair Business Practices, On-time delivery, and Easy Payment modes, they have been able to attain complete satisfaction of their Clients.

Get in touch with Glasstick for more information!

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