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Sauce Bottles Glass: There are certain products, we have become so accustomed to in our daily life, that we hardly pause to think how and where are they made. One such product is the sauce bottle that we use every day. We have all seen the bottles, their slightly unique shape, which helps distinguish them from other bottles. We have all used them and know how the shape helps in effectively storing as well as serving only the required quantity of the sauce. Yet, we rarely wonder how these bottles are made.

As one of the leading manufacturers, traders and sellers of glass products in India, UP based Glasstick however, not just thought about it, but also put in a lot of effort to create the best bottles. At the same time, they bring in something new for every client, like for example, putting the name of the company on the bottle at the time of manufacturing itself. The manufacturing of these bottles is a fascinating journey on its own. The supplies are provided in the categories of sauce bottles for sale, sauce bottles for canning and bulk sauce bottle wholesale supply.

Sauce Bottles Glass

It is really surprising to know the main ingredient constituting nearly 70% of the glass that we see. It is sand! Something that we see and hardly notice, when subjected to proper scientific methods can be turned into a world of beauty and utility, in the form of glassware. The production of glass is done by subjecting sand to extremely high heat. 

Sauce Bottles Glass

Sauce Glass Bottles Wholesale

The normal boiling point of sand is around 1400 degrees Celsius. However, for the production of glass and handling it to make designs as per requirement, the boiling point needs to be lowered. This is done by adding soda to the sand. Lime is then added to the mixture to stabilize it. But before getting into mass production, a few critical activities need to be performed. 

Sauce Bottles Wholesale

To begin at the beginning, based on the client’s briefing, a three dimensional model of the proposed design is prepared on the computer using specialized software. This design is shown to the client, their suggestions incorporated and final approval is taken on the computer-aided design. Once the client has agreed to the design, a prototype is created. After that our customers can shop under these categories and buy bulk sauce bottles, custom sauce bottles wholesale, squeezy sauce bottles and sauce glass bottles wholesale supplies which are available at our different outlets. 

Hot Glass Sauce Bottles

This is done by creating an oak mould for the proposed design. Molten glass is then poured into the mould and blowing glass method is used to make the prototype. Glass production in small or large quantities is done by means of one of the two methods, viz. Float Glass method or the Blow Glass method. Float Glass method is good for creating sheets of glass. However, for the manufacturing of bulbs, bottles, jars, containers or any such design, Blow Glass method is used.

Hot Sauce Bottles

As the name suggests, in the blow glass method, air is blown into the glass to give it different shapes and sizes as per the requirement. This method itself has two subclassifications

  1. Press & Blow Method – useful for making items that have a wide mouth like jars and containers
  2. Blow & Blow Method – useful for making glassware with narrow mouth like bottles and vases

Mini Hot Glass Sauce Bottles

Thus, for making a prototype of a sauce bottle, the blow and blow method is used. The prototype is then sent to the client for their approval. Any changes in the design need to be incorporated both in the 3-D Computer-Aided Design as well as in the mold. These changes are made until the client is satisfied with the prototype. Only then is the focus shifted to mass production.

Mini Hot Sauce Bottles

Once approved for mass production, the process gains full momentum. The mixture of sand, soda and lime is added as a slurry to the furnace where it is heated at extremely high temperature to produce glass. The glass produced at this stage has a semi-liquid, semi-solid appearance and consistency like a paste. The temperature at this point is somewhere around 1200 degrees Celsius. 

This large quantity of molten glass is then cut into smaller sizes before being poured into the moulds. The moulds are fashioned based on the mould designed to create the prototype. The molten glass is poured into the mould and air is blown into it at high pressure. This forms the neck of the bottle. A second blast of pressurized air is passed through this neck to create the body of the bottle as per the mould. 

Empty Hot Sauce Glass Bottles

This parison (partially formed glass bottle) is then cooled by placing it in a water encapsulated mould. This cooling hardens the glass, however, at this stage, the glass is extremely brittle and can be easily broken. To give it a proper shape, before hardening, the setup placed on a blow mould, where it is inverted and the base is formed using heat treatment. After successfully incorporating the design, the parison is allowed to cool for a few hours.

Empty Hot Sauce Bottles

Hot Sauce Bottles Bulk

The cooled down glass is then smoothened to get rid of the hardened edges, which may cause an injury. After smoothening, it is allowed to cool further and set. This first batch is then sent to the client for their approval. Only after the client is fully satisfied with the batch, is the manufacturing process undertaken for the subsequent batches.

Hot Sauce Bottles Bulk

Thus, a humble sauce bottle comes to your dining table after undergoing a gruelling journey, making it into the useful item that it is. The manufacturing process ensures quality, durability and utility of the bottle, giving you great value for money.

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