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Serving Bowls: Glasstick, one of the leading glass and glassware manufacturers in India, hails from Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh. From glass kitchenware to industrial purpose glass, the company manufactures, sells and retails, all kinds of glass products. Offering customization of glass products is one of their many services that are offered. 

Glass and its products are used in our daily life for various reasons. Glass products find an inevitable place as every household in the form of kitchenware. Serving bowls being one of the most widely used kitchenware which can be bought from serving bowls wholesale outlets and Glasstick manufactures one of the best serving bowls in the country. 

Serving Bowls Set with Lids

Serving Bowls Set with Lids

Every glass product needs to be manufactured keeping its usage in mind, so it can serve as efficient glassware. For example, if the requirement is for a honey jar then it must be kept in mind that the content will be stored for years. For this reason, the container must be airtight so it is not affected by the external environmental factors. Glass is a non- porous, non- absorptive and non- reactive material and hence products and chemicals stored in it can go on for years without getting any fungus of moisture. Glass can withstand high temperatures and for this reason it is also used as an electrical insulation material. 

Glass Serving Bowls Set

Serving Bowls Set

Glasstick is a very customer driven company and at every step of production, the approval from the customer is required. After the client places the order for the serving bowl made of glass, the company designs a 3D model according to the specifications provided. The model design is sent to the customer for approval. Once the approval from the customer is received, the team then designs a prototype or a mould for the glass product. The mould can be made of oak, clay or stainless steel. The first batch that is produced is generally a model batch. The batch is sent to the in- house quality control team that ensures that the final product meets the specifications and the requirements of the client. After the quality control team approves it, the model batch is sent to the client for approval. Only after receiving the approval from the client, mass production begins. This happens under various categories such as : serving bowls with handles, serving bowls Ikea, serving bowls for sale, white serving bowls and Bulk antique serving bowls supplies. This makes it easier for the unit when the product has to be transported to various locations. 

Large Glass Serving Bowls

Large Serving Bowls

The manufacturing of glass is very interesting. Sand, soda ash, limestone, and glass is mixed together at the temperature of 3180 degrees Fahrenheit. Glass is the only material that can be recycled every time without any harm to the environment and being. To improve the quality and durability of the glass, aluminium or titanium is added at this point. If the client wants the glass to be coloured, then the chemical is added at this point of manufacturing too. The mixture is then heated for 24 hours where it turns into a molten glass called the ‘gobs’. These gobs are used to prepare solid glass product by pouring into moulds. 

Glass Serving Bowls

Glass Serving Bowls

The method that Glasstick employs to manufacture glass product is the glass blow method. In this method, the gob is transferred to a mould called blank or parison. A blow of air is pushed down the blank mould to form the neck of the glass bowl. Another blast of air is applied to the neck of the bowl to push the molten gob towards the wall of the mould. The glass product formed is then transferred to another mould where it is reheated to form the final shape. Compressed air and vacuum are used as the final step giving the glass bowl the desired shape. You can check the quality of our products by buying them from any of our big serving bowls outlets or you can directly Black extra large serving bowls from our resellers. 

Small Glass Serving Bowls

Small Serving Bowls

Glasstick employs various quality check methods to make sure that the client receives nothing but the best quality product. Automated machinery and sensors help in checking the quality of the product by checking for any tremor or air bubble in the product. Manual inspection of each and every product is done to check for the thickness, neck area, appearance and that the specifications have been met. The inspection is also done to make sure there is no unwanted material in the glass product. If at this point any glass product is rejected, then it is sent back to the mixture to form glass. The approved product is then wrapped in plastic carefully and boxed before it is ready to be shipped to the client.

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