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Despite the enhanced durability offered by metals like steel and the flexibility of composite materials like plastic and polymer, glass is still used in making utensils and containers for various purposes. Glass shaker bottles, which are largely used by the athletes and health aware lot, are much in demand which leads to a lot of shaker bottles wholesales in the market. 

The nuances of cheap bulk glass shaker container/bottle manufacturing

There are 3 types of glass that are used in manufacturing glass shaker bottles and containers. These are:

  • Treated Soda Lime Glass
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Soda Lime Glass

The materials used in glass manufacturing include sand, limestone and soda ash. However, the amount of sand is usually kept 70% and others vary, based on the end product and usage needs. A key ingredient named cullet is used when soda lime glass is manufactured. Borosilicate glass is not typically recycled owing to its heat-resistant nature. 

Glass Shaker Bottles Bulk

Shaker Bottles Bulk

Method for manufacturing glass shaker bottles

There are some specific methods that are used to manufacture bulk shaker bottles for sale and similar glass bottles or containers. These are:

  • Blown Glass / molded glass- In this method, gobs of heated glass material are directed to molding machine from furnace and air is used to shape the bottle’s neck and body. After being shaped, they are called Parison. 

Two forming processes are used to shape the final bottle or container. 

Blow & Blow Process –This is used to create narrow shaped containers and the parison is formed by using compressed air.

Press & Blow Process-It is used for making large diameter containers where the parison is created by pressing the glass to the blank mold using a metal plunger.

Large Glass Shaker Bottle

Large Glass Shaker Bottle

Regardless of the process chosen, after the blown glass containers get shaped, they are taken to an Annealing Lehr. There the temperature is made to touch 1500° F and reduced to below 900° F slowly. This heating and cooling process eliminates the stress and ensures the glass does not shatter easily. 

After the glass is conditioned, it is given surface treatment to stop, the chances of abrading which reduces the scope of breaking. A coating of tin oxide-based mixture is usually sprayed on the glass surface. This coating also prevents one bottle from sticking to another. This is called hot end surface treatment.

Mini Milk Glass Shaker Bottle

Mini Milk Shaker Bottle

After the bottle is coated, quality inspection is carried out. It includes weight checking and measuring dimensions. In most modern glass manufacturing companies, the inspection is carried out using sophisticated electronic inspection machines. This enables better detection of flaws. 

  • Tubing Glass – This is made by using a continuous draw process. The glass is drawn over a set of support rollers, using a drawing machine. Two processes are used in it.

Danner Process –In this method, melted glass from a furnace into a ribbon shape. 

Vello Process –In it, the glass flows from the furnace into a bowl and then it is shaped.

In Tubling glass method too, quality control is a must. A number of inspections and tests are executed to ensure the final products adhere to quality standards. Generally, high-resolution camera set up is deployed for detecting and removing defects. 

Advantages of using glass shaker bottles

There are obvious benefits of using glass shaker bottle in place of those made with plastic and metal. 

Shaker Glass Bottle Wholesale

Shaker Bottle Wholesale

Glass does not get stained easily which can be the case with both plastic and metal. It does not carry odours either. Shaker bottles are used to consume a plethora of drinks, fruit juices, milkshake and proteins hakes- etc. The stain and aroma do not stick on the glass easily when the bottle is used regularly. It is also easier to clean. So, glass shaker bottles score over other alternatives- both from usage and aesthetic perspectives. 

Buy  Cheap Shaker Bottle

Buy  Cheap Shaker Bottle

Nuances of glass shaker bottles 

There are different types of best protein shaker bottle in the market. While buying such a bottle, a few aspects should be checked. These are:

  • Protective outer cover/layer- Unless a protective cover is used, glass shaker bottles can suffer breakage and dents over regular usage. So, the manufacturers wrap the glass with silicone or plastic cover. The silicone covers are better at absorbing shocks and they come in varying hues which make up for custom shaker bottles wholesale. It also enhances the grip and ensures the bottles do not slip out of hands easily. The top manufacturers use BPA free plastic parts in such bottles. 
  • Cap/locking mechanism- Not all glass shaker bottles have the same locking mechanism. The caps can be of different types. Some units have vacuum seal caps that ensure no air can pass inside once the bottle is locked. It helps thwart germ breeding inside the bottle once the liquid is poured in. In some cases, the cap itself serves as a measuring cup. Having a leak-proof lid is better when the user carries the bottle to different places. This is usually the case with athletes.
  • Capacity- The glass shaker bottles are sold in varying capacities. There are some models that have measurement imprinted vertically on the exterior cover. There are bottles with capacity up to 16 -28 ounces or higher so we can use these gym shaker bottle purposes as well.
  • Usage methods- While the glass shaker bottles are made with high-quality components and the glass is protected with external coating, some caution should be taken. The bottles are usually not meant to be kept in the fridge and put into the microwave. The parts of such containers are usually dishwasher safe but manufacturer guidelines for care and washing should be checked. Usually, cleanup of such bottle is best done using warm water. Using bleach or cleaning fluids with harsh chemicals is not advisable.

Custom Glass Shaker Bottle

Custom Shaker Bottle

Therefore, shaker bottles utilize a number of glass manufacturing processes and can be used for a number of purposes and can be sold as best shaker bottle. There are things that need to be kept in mind specifically for ice shaker bottle. Glass is a popular material for making these bottles, which is reflected in their widespread usage which leads to their purchase as we can small shaker bottle and versatility can be enhanced.

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