Bulk Shot Glasses: Wholesale Price

Shot Glasses are one of the most hassle-free pieces of glassware. It’s the most commonly found item at any bar, restaurant or household.

You can lick, sip and suck that lemon wedge for all you care but it is most likely that your shot of tequila, most certainly ends with a loud bang on the table. After all, that’s how it’s meant to be!

Does this mean the glass’ funeral? Nope. High Quality Shot Glasses at your rescue by Glasstick.

Why is it called a “shot” glass?

Somewhere in America, in the late 1920s was when the term “shot glass” seems to have first emerged. People across the country used to drink small quantities of alcohol in these shot.

Glasses. The amount of liquor that each shot glass could hold varied from region to region within America. It ranged from 20ml to 60ml depending on which state you had it in. This name stuck with the people and is now widely used across the globe.

What Do You Need Shot Glasses For?

Shot glasses are such a treat that they can accommodate for almost anything that needs to be taken at once, like a shot. Although most popularly used for alcohol worldwide, people are now starting to experiment with these and are showing their creativity.

Desserts in Shot Glasses

Apart from tequila, vodka, whiskey, and the tastiest Absolut combinations, these are popularly used to serve Espressos and Layered Desserts Cups at Cafés.

Funny-Shot . Glasses 

What are the Types of Shot Glasses?

Cordial Shot Glass (approx. 1.75 ounces)

Cordial glasses are typically used for liquors and harder spirits like Bourbon or Whiskey. These glasses are tall with a stem and a full mouth compared to the regular shot glasses. The wider rim lets you get the aroma. It also allows the liquor to breathe. These might be a bit cumbersome to maintain. Also, cordial glasses tend to be on the expensive side of shot glasses.



Regular Shot Glasses (approx. 2 ounces)

These are your regular bar glasses for whiskey and tequila shots. Yes, the ones you slam down the table with after each shot. Very practical and easy to maintain. They’ve got a broad base and no stem. They’re a bit concave right above its thick base. Easy for banging! Some of these have a line marked at the top of the glass indicating the 1-ounce limit. These are preferred for layered drinks (Irish cream), beer, vodka, tequila or anything you want. These are your Jagerbomb shot glasses!


Leaning Shot Glass (approx. 1.75 ounces)

These are the unique set of shot glasses you’ll ever see. They have this tilted shape which lets you view your drink at an angle. Straight whiskey, beers, tequila, it’s all good with these glasses.




Hourglass Shooters (approx. 1.5 ounces)

They’ve got an hourglass shape. They’re great to hold, almost like a handle. Perfect for your Jagerbombs.




Well, now that you know so much about shot glasses, where do you order the best shot glasses, at wholesale prices – at Glasstick.

Who’s Glasstick?

Glasstick is the leading glassware manufacturer and trader in India. They’re based in the Glass manufacturing hub of India – Firozabad (Uttar Pradesh, India). For years they’ve been the maestros in Manufacturing, Trading and Supplying of all kinds of Glassware, Decorative and Tableware glasses.

They provide a plethora of Glassware options to choose from. May it be the Kamikaze Shot, the Four Horsemen or a tiramisu layered dessert cup – they design for all intents and purposes.

What makes Glasstick’s shot glasses the best in India?

With years of experience, they know the little nuances that affect the overall quality of shot glasses. Glasstick uses this knowledge to influence the glass manufacturing process.

Plain Shot Glasses Bulk

You always need shot glasses in Bulk. Glasstick provides mind-blowing wholesale prices for bulk and party orders.

Plain Shot Glasses Bulk

Shot glasses aren’t that complicated, yet there are a few things that you need to get right during manufacturing and shipping. Glasstick has got this covered.

The manufacturing process for Shot Glasses at Glasstick

At Glasstick, they use two critical techniques for manufacturing Shot Glasses – the Blown Glass Technique (also known as Glassblowing) and the Pressed Glass Technique.

Bulk Shot Glasses For Sale

The Blown glass technique starts with melting silica mixed with potassium and limestone in a melting furnace. The molten glass is then collected at the tip of a blowpipe (long steel tube). This is now rolled on a metal surface to prepare the glass for blowing. The glassblower now blows air into the pipe to give it a hollow bubble. Now the glassblower uses different molding and shaping tools to give the hollow bubble of glass the desired shape.

Bulk Shot Glasses Wedding

This process involves extreme craftsmanship and skill. Using the same technique for years has enabled Glasstick to streamline the process and make it more efficient. They churn out glasses in bulk orders at the most reasonable wholesaler prices, without compromising on quality. 

Bulk Shot Glasses Personalized

The Pressed Glass technique starts similarly to the Blown glass. It uses lime, soda ash, silica sand, mineral colorants and rejected glass. These are melted in a furnace at over 2900 degree Fahrenheit. A glassworker gathers the molten glass with the help of a rod. This blob of molten glass is then transferred to the iron mold. The glass in the mold is pressed with a plunger to make the glass stick to the edges of the mold and take its shape. The pressed glass takes the embossed print of the vessel. It is then subjected to various cooling/pressing techniques based on the desired outcome.

Bulk Shot Glasses Personalized

Shot Glasses Bulk Wholesale

This technique originated as an affordable alternative to Crystalware because of the intricate and elegant designs that pressed glass technique made possible.

Whom Does Glasstick Supply?

Whether you’re running a club or a bar, hosting a corporate promotional event or just having some friends over, you will always need shot glasses.

Shot Glasses in Bulk

Glasstick supplies to a wide variety of clients and customers. They manufacture and trade with the Corporate sector for various Promotional events. They make for bulk orders for retailers, daily consumers, and significant players in the liquor industry.

Customized Glassware Solutions

The Blown Glass and Pressed Glass technique give Glasstick the creative edge in manufacturing the most customizable shot glasses.

These glass manufacturing techniques require a lot of skill which is aplenty at Glasstick.

Glasstick provides several customizations:

  • Printing (Decals)
  • Embossing
  • Etching
  • Custom Artwork and Packaging Solutions 

Quality Control and Timeliness for Delivery

Glasstick knows how much you like banging down those shot glasses. Glasstick ensures that their glasses are durable enough to withstand the bar countertops.

Bar Shot Glasses

A major reason for Glasstick’s success is that they don’t compromise on Quality. With skilled labor involved, Glasstick has stringent quality checks in place to ensure that lousy craftsmanship is picked out and does not affect their end product.

Bar Shot Glasses

Large Shot Glasses

With a brand as Glasstick, a lot is at stake for them and their clients who order in bulk. It’s all about the impression that is left on the clients or the consumers when they receive the glasses. Or better yet, when they’re put to use!

Large Shot Glasses

For this, meeting deadlines is crucial. Glasstick is the gold standard when it comes to on-time deliveries without any damages to their products.

Clear Shot Glasses Bulk

They provide breakage insurance in every corner of the country and major seaports.

Clear Shot Glasses Bulk


Glasstick is the leader because of their clientele. They’ve got some of the leading industry giants, and the fact that they’re in business with them speaks volumes.

They’re supplying glassware to one of the biggest and best soft-drink manufacturers – Coca-Cola.

They cater to Parag Milk Foods, one of the biggest dairy product manufacturers in India.

Anmol Industries, the leading biscuit and cake manufacturer in India, is also one of their prestigious clients.

The list goes on with Lifestyle International, Arvind Fashions and many more.

With the help of their Client-Oriented approach, Fair Business Practices, On-time delivery, and Easy Payment modes, they have been able to attain complete satisfaction of their Clients.

Visit Glasstick for more information!


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