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An instant method to up the aesthetic quotient of any kitchen or dining table is to use glassware. Whether you are using spice jars on a regular basis in your kitchen or containers to store the dishes while hosting a dinner, the spice jars made of glass always come in handy. 

The shape of a spice jar made of glass is a major determining factor in how it is produced and an example of this can be found in our spice jars glass square outlet and setup. The creation of glassware, especially in a bulk amount is a specialized process. Among one of the most prominent institutions dealing with this specialized process of manufacturing, as well as trading, glassware in India is UP based Glasstick. They are known for their quality products, designs and variety of products available. The various categories under which the product is supplied are empty spice jars glass, bulk spice jars for sale, spice jars with labels and spice jars with spoons

Spice Glass Jars Bulk

There are two methods that are majorly employed for the manufacturing of glass items – Glass blowing and Float Glass. Float glass is traditionally used for making glass sheets, whereas glass blowing technique is used for making desired shapes. Even for the glass blowing method, there are further sub-classifications

Spice Jars Bulk

  • Press & Blow Method – used for making wide-mouthed containers like typical spice jars
  • Blow & Blow Method – used for making narrow-mouthed containers like bottles

The primary requirement of a spice jar is to store a good quantity of the spice and makes it easy to take them out while cooking. Thus, most spice jars are made wide-mouthed and this is done using the Press & Blow Method.

Best Glass Spice Jars

To begin with the manufacturing process, first, three-dimensional design is modelled on the computer and shown to the client for approval. Once the design is approved, a single prototype is made in an oak wood mould. To create the prototype, the molten glass is filled in the mould and the semifluid glass (gob) is blown using calculated pressure. The blown glass is allowed to set in for about 20 seconds, after which the mould is warmed and further molten glass is poured in. This process is repeated 1 or 2 times as per requirement. 

Best Spice Jars

Spice Jars Glass

After this, the base is made using press methods. The prototype thus prepared is then sent for internal quality review. Only on passing the internal quality control standards, the prototype is shared with the clients for their feedback and approval. If any changes are required, they are incorporated at this stage. Once the client has approved the prototype, only then is the design taken up for mass manufacturing. Spice jars wholesale and spice jars wholesale cheap outlets are available at various locations.

Spice Jars Glass

Spice Jars Glass Bulk

The large scale manufacturing of glassware like spice jars is an interesting process in itself. For those hearing this for the first time, it is hard to believe that the major component in the manufacturing of glass is sand! Yes, the normal sand that we see around us constitutes nearly 70% of the composition. This is because of the presence of silica. 

Spice Jars Glass Bulk

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The boiling point of sand is around 1400 degrees Celsius. However, for the purpose of manufacturing glass out of it, the boiling point needs to be reduced. This is achieved by adding soda, which reduces the boiling point and lime that stabilizes the overall mixture. As is well-known, glass is very brittle. But to use it as a storage container, the durability of the glass needs to be increased and it should also have more strength. This is done by adding titanium, aluminium and certain other similar elements.

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This entire mixture is made into a slurry, which is the primary input to the manufacturing process. The slurry is added into the furnace along with bits and pieces of broken glass for recycling. The furnace is heated up at very high temperatures, making the mixture melt. This intermediate form of glass has a semi liquid consistency and can be used in a mould. Depending on the design requirement, this molten glass is cut into pieces before being moved into the pre-designed moulds fashioned on the approved oak mould.

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The smaller amount called gob is then placed in the mould and a dent is made into it by means of mechanized instruments. This partially formed piece is called a parison. The parison is then inverted and placed in a blow mould, where air is blown into it at extremely high pressures. This makes the parison take the desired shape of the spice container, as per the approved design. The intricate detailing, if required, is done using smaller blowers. The entire set up is then cooled so as to set the glass.

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After cooling for a few seconds, the mould is opened and the designed glass can be taken out. However, at this comparatively lower temperature (nearly 400 degrees Celsius), the glass is extremely brittle and needs to be carefully handled. The entire design is then inverted to design the base using heat. The heat treatment makes it malleable and the design can easily be set. Once the design is cooled, the item is then allowed to cool. 

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The glass hardens on cooling and the design becomes clearly visible. However, there may still be rough edges that can cause injury. These need to be smoothed and can be done using simple sandpaper. An alternate method is to heat the rim and then smoothened. Once the desired shape and size is obtained, the first batch is sent to the client for approval. Only on receiving a go-ahead are the remaining batches started. This is how different designs of spice jars are made available for consumption. You can buy bulk spice jars and try the quality of our product for yourself and make them to effective use.

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