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Water Glass: Glass is a fluid. For many of you, it might come as a surprise, but it is indeed the most viscous fluid in the world, that gives it a solid attribute.  There are many articles that are made out of glass that you encounter in your daily lives. While you have seen the use of glass mostly in windows, a water glass is similarly familiar.

Glasstick, an Uttar Pradesh based glass manufacturing company, provides several glass-made products that include, but are not limited to, tumble wares, decoratives and several other glassware. 

Best Glass Water Glasses

There are two methodologies associated with manufacturing glass-related products: glass blowing and glass floating. In order to producer water glasses, glass blowing is the manufacturing technique chosen. Further, these are then supplied under the categories of cheap bulk water glasses, bulk water glasses for sale, bulk water glasses for weddings and bulk water glasses wholesale sets.  

Best Water Glasses

To manufacture glass-based utensils such as water glass, the process should be flexible. Basically, it means making the glass flexible enough to be moulded into other articles. Glass floating techniques does not allow flexibility, ergo it is only used to manufacture glass sheets. Through Glass blowing techniques, Glasstick creates the most versatile water glasses that cater to the customized needs of the clients. 

Crystal Water Glasses

You can buy bulk water glasses, which although come in various sizes, have several aspects to them that has to be taken care of before the start of the manufacturing process:

  • The holding factor: When a user is holding a glass—it should not have a slippery surface, the user should be comfortable holding it, and most importantly, the glass should be strong. 
  • The water holding factor: Regardless of how transparent the glass look, the glass manufacturing process is laced with several techno-chemical ingredients. If production is not proper, the chemicals can have adverse effects on the water it holds. Therefore, proper sterilization is necessary. 
  • The aesthetic factors: There can be generic glasses with simple designs or decorative designs. Aesthetics, while is a requirement, should not come in the way of scientific requirements of a glass. Therefore, scientific and aesthetic, Glasstick takes both matters into consideration. 

Crystal Water Glasses

Water Glasses Set

Following is the manufacturing process that Glasstick employs to manufacture water glass:

  • Taking the aesthetic, scientific and holding factors into account: 

First, the shape of the utensil is decided based on scientific factors. As the glass needs to hold water, the requirements can be extremely flexible. The utensil can be quite voluminous, it can be filled with a lot of water. The holding factor should also be at play here. The glass should be comfortable to hold, and it should be able to hold enough water that the drinker can feel enough after 2 to 3 glasses.

Riedel Water Glasses

Based on that need, a 3D image is created on the system. This allows the manufacturers to decide the shape, size and design of the glass. 

Riedel Water Glasses

  1. Creation of a prototype Stage 1: 

Once the clients agree to the glass-design, prototyping process begins. This prototyping process, a mould is created. It is made from oak. After the client approves of the mould, the next step of production begins. 

  1. Creation of prototype Stage 2:

The customized oak mould that the client approves is used as a basis for the full product. Molten glass is put in the mould one layer at a time. After each layer, the temperature is decreased for the glass to settle in. The step is repeated until the mould is fully filled.  

  • Final approval

The in-house department may or may not approve of the design. If quality control does not approve of the design, the previous steps are repeated again. Else, the final production process begins. 

Blue Water Glasses

The process of glass utensil production, especially something as commonly used as water glass should be hygienic. Therefore, after production, each utensil is properly sterilized. Then, it goes through several anti-contaminant measures before being approved for use. We also sell our water glasses bulk supply to various water glasses wholesale and water glasses wholesale cheap resellers.

Blue Water Glasses

Coloured Water Glasses

A water-glass is a staple in almost every domestic household, every eatery and every restaurants. Due to its flexibility, it can be used for holding multiple liquids. However, being a water-holder, something that is to be used daily, special attention is made to its sturdiness and its cleanliness. Glasstick ensures that both of these factors are delivered to present the clients with the exact product that they require. 

Water Glasses

A proper water holding glass needs every form of customization, and Glasstick delivers them all.

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