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Glasses are boring, aren’t they? Fill that glass with a Cab or a Chardonnay and that glass just got interesting!

However, it’s not just the wine that makes the glass interesting. The glass has a huge part to play in enhancing your overall wine drinking experience.

Yes, first is the type of wine you pick. Then comes the kind of glass you choose.

Why is the type of Wine Glass so important?

It’s the science behind it.

If the glass has a big mouth, you can dig in to get the aroma of the wine before even tasting it.

A bigger mouth allows for decanting. Decanting softens the tannins in the wine while bringing out the fruitiness and aromas.

A bigger bowl of the glass will let the wine interact with the air in a way that oxidises it. Oxidation changes the complexity of the wine, bringing out the best flavours.

Sweet at the tip, Salty and Sour in the mid and Bitter at the back – these are the four zones of our tongue. The mouth of the glass will dictate where the wine hits the tongue. A tall glass with a narrow mouth means the wine hits the back of your tongue, whereas a big mouth usually lands on the mid of your tongue. This has a significant effect on the taste of the wine.

Bulk Wine Glasses For Wedding

Picking the right glass, however, is a personal choice. You can drink the most expensive wine from a plastic cup and still enjoy it. If you’d like to take your wine drinking experience to the next level, we suggest you invest in some high-quality wine glasses.

Bulk Wine Glasses For Wedding

We at Glasstick provide a plethora of Glassware options to choose from. Red wines, White wines or Champagne, we’ve got Wine Glasses for every type to suit the perfect occasion.

Who are we?

Glasstick is based in the Glass manufacturing Hub of India, Firozabad (Uttar Pradesh, India), we’re the pioneers in Manufacturing, Trading and Supplying of all kinds of Glass Tumblers, Decorative and Tableware glasses.

These products are used in Houses, Restaurant and Bars, Hotels, Club and for Merchandising Purposes.

What do we know about Wine Glasses?

With years of experience, we know the little nuances that affect the overall taste and experience of drinking wine. We use this knowledge to influence our glass manufacturing process.

Our Manufacturing Process For Wine Glasses

We use the Blown Glass Technique (also known as Glassblowing) for making wine glasses.

The Blown glass technique starts with melting silica mixed with potassium and limestone in a melting furnace. The molten glass is then collected at the tip of a blowpipe (long steel tube). This is now rolled on a metal surface to prepare the glass for blowing. The glassblower now blows air into the pipe to give it a hollow bubble. Now the glassblower uses different moulding and shaping tools to give the hollow bubble of glass the desired shape.

Bulk Wine Glasses Wholesale

This process involves extreme craftsmanship and skill. Using the same technique for years has enabled us to streamline the process and make it more efficient. We churn out glasses in bulk orders at the most reasonable wholesaler prices, without compromising on quality.

Bulk Wine Glasses Wholesale

What These Glasses Represent?

Drinking wine has elegance and grace to it. Picking the right glass for the right occasion will decide the perception that your guests will have when they’re sipping on to their wines.

There’s a different type of glass for every variety of wine you can ever drink. Here’s a quick guide:

Red Wine Glasses

Red Wine Glasses

These are best served in large wine glasses, with large bowls and wider rims. This allows for you to smell the aromas and let the wine oxidize (read breathe).  

White Wine Glasses

White Wine Glasses

White wines should be served in tall glasses with narrow bowls and rims. This lets the wine stay at a cooler temperature. The narrow rims preserve the aromas and taste when they hit your mouth.

Champagne or Sparkling Wine Glasses

Champagne or Sparkling Wine Glasses

These are best served in U-shaped, narrow glasses. This keeps the bubbliness or fizz intact. Flute-shaped glasses go best with Sparkling wines.

Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless Wine Glasses

The wine glass of today! These are preferred for the comfort and classy look that they exuberate. However, the absence of a stem means you may risk warming your wine with your hands while holding.

Whom do we supply?

Glasstick caters to a wide variety of consumers. We manufacture for the Corporate world, supporting their various promotional events. Daily consumers and retailers also purchase a large part of our glasses. We also serve to major players in the Liquor Industry and many others.

Buy Bulk Wine Glasses

We manufacture glasses for the people having a daily encounter with that bottle of Red, or those special occasions that require bringing out the delicately stemmed masterpieces.

Buy Bulk Wine Glasses

Customized Glassware

The Blown Glass technique gives us the creative freedom to manufacture customized glasses in Bulk or as per order.

Customized Glassware

A significant part of our success must be attributed to our skilled craftsmanship. We take custom design requirements from our clientele to manufacture products which are unique in colors, shapes, and sizes.

Few of our services for customization include:

  • Printing (Multicolor and Decals)
  • Embossing
  • Etching
  • Custom Artwork and Printing on boxes for Packaging Solutions

These unique designs in our glasses are what separates us from any wine glass manufacturers. Also, this is what will make you stand out as well.

Quality Control and Timeliness for Delivery

Wine is something that people might have daily. We ensure that our glasses are durable enough to withstand the daily usage and the occasional scare.

Custom Wine Glasses Wholesale

You don’t become a leading glass manufacturer overnight. A major reason is that we don’t compromise on Quality. With skilled labor involved, Glasstick has stringent quality checks in place to ensure that lousy craftsmanship is picked out and does not affect our end product.

Bulk Wine Glasses For Sale

An elegant glass does not compromise on quality!

Bulk Wine Glasses For Sale

A lot is at stake for our clients and us when they order in bulk. It’s all about the impression that is left on our clients or their consumers when they receive the glasses. Or better yet, when they’re put to use!

For this, meeting deadlines is crucial. Glasstick is the gold standard when it comes to on-time deliveries without any damages to our products.

We provide breakage insurance in every corner of the country and major seaports.

Our Clientele

We’re here because of our clients. We’ve got some of the leading industry giants, and the fact that we’re in business with them tells you more than anything else that you need to know.

We’re supplying glassware to one of the biggest and best in soft-drink manufacturers – Coca-Cola.

We take pride in Parag Milk Foods, one of the biggest dairy product manufacturers in India as our client.

Anmol Industries, the leading biscuit and cake manufacturer in India, is also our client.

The list goes on with Lifestyle International, Arvind Fashions, Pernod Ricard, Kyndal Group, Jigatjit Industries and many more.

With the help of our Client-Oriented approach, Fair Business Practices, On-time delivery, and Easy Payment modes, we have been able to attain complete satisfaction of our Clients.

Final Thoughts

In our opinion, different glasses impart their flavor to a wine. However, feel free to experiment with various combinations of glasses and wines. See if they make a difference in enhancing your experience or do nothing at all. It’s your own experience that matters.

Wine Glasses Wholesale Cheap

Wine Glasses Wholesale Cheap

Visit Glasstick for more information!

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